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Thread: sorry all

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    sorry all

    Someone in my school got my password for the account and decided to post a lot of false info and some rude remarks. I'm sorry and have deleted most that I could find please take anything I posted before today with a grain of salt. Thank you all.. this is why I sometimes hate highschool... Sorry for any trouble

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    Well no ones responded with your an asshole so that's good

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    Does this mean you arent going to come over and show me your tits?

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    No I'm sorry :/ maybe next time

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    It probably wasn't much different from some of the regular posts lately anyways

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    Probably. The kid must of got my email or something it was this site Twitter and Facebook.. talk about a headache .

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    did you kick his ass?

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    I got a concussion in my fb game Saturday haven't been in school yet.. and not exactly sure who it was just he had to of been from my school because he released personal info on this site and twitter pm random people and what not the police actually notified me because on fb he was messaging people sayying i was gona fight ect. So someonee called the cops on me however I was in the er so it was clear it wasn't me and someone else.