Rhode Islanders, all those who visit this little state, and anyone else that gives a ****,

For the past few years you may have seen a red jeep with black wheels sitting at your local break with a dog hanging out inside, well the time has finally come where I will get out of your line ups, load up that dog and drive that jeep across the country to start some sort of new life. This saturday I will be heading out, and traveling throughout the west, surfing, skating, exploring for a few weeks/months before I eventually settle a good 6 hours from the Southern Cali coast in St. George Utah. Those of you who followed my website this past year, I appreciate your support... Those of you who I got to surf with, thanks for all of the good sessions.... and to those I never met, maybe next time.

Regardless, anyone who is interested, I will be keeping a pretty solid account of the Journey out to and around the west on my website www.getdirtyfeat.com, feel free to follow it.

Thanks again,

PS. -If anyone out there is willing to put up with a dog, cat, my girlfriend and I, we are down to visit and get to experience where ever it is that you may live.