I posted a thread some time ago asking for help with getting my first shortboard.
I'm in good hands with a local shaper as of today, thanks to all you who shared words of wisdom.

My question is, with so many different new boards out there, what defines a standard shortboard (is it the sharper nose and thruster set-up)?
And how do you determine the right dimensions for your body size?
Is it usually a certain number of inches taller than your height with the width and thickness according to your body weight? I really want to know.
It's quite obvious there are several factors here: physique, age, skill level.
What is the "formula"?

I ask this because... in my quest for a shortboard, I have run into so many board descriptions/reviews that state "This board should be ridden ___ inches shorter, and ___ wider than your shortboard."

You can only imagine how helpless I felt each time I saw/heard this.