So right now I've been riding a lost plank in the less than stellar conditions we get around here and I notice that it tends to be a bit stiff when it gets a lot of speed in more fun surf (thigh-chest). I was actually talking to Matt Biolos at my surf shop and he told me that the plank works well as a twin if you take out the smaller inside fins, and he said likes to ride it like that at lowers, but clearly Massachusetts isn't exactly Trestles quality. My question is, how does a twin ride compared to a quad (when changing the configuration on the same board)? I realize the quad will likely have more drive, but will the twin pivot/ go rail to rail a little tighter? It seems to me that removing the fins in the back moves the pivoting point a bit farther up so that the tail might respond a bit faster and looser, but I don't know a lot about twins, as I've only ridden a few..So overall, how does a quad configuration ride in comparison to a twin, and what are the pros/cons of both? Any feedback is greatly appreciated. Thanks guys.