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Thread: Shark in NJ

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    It was Megaladon!

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    its probably a skate (type of stingray) they feed sideways at the surface because their mouth is under them so it appears as its a fin

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    It really comes down to sharks are moving into waters they had never really been in that much before. My buddy sent me 2 pictures in the summer of 4 to 6ft great whites caught from the beach in Brigantine. Great whites are being tagged up in cape cod now. Probably was a shark that was seen, fact is we are in their world when we get in the water and unfortunately they have the upper hand in the suprise category

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    I think they migrate past here (NJ) at this time of year. I'm pretty sure they Winter off of the Bahamas. That's what they said on Shark week. In the Spring, they come close to the NJ coast in early May.

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    I saw a car on the highway today.........

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    it wasnt a shark, nor a ray, it was a sunfish. we've been seeing them lately while yak fishing the shrewsbury rocks

    completely harmless, but get very large


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    Anything in the water scares the crap outa me. I was in Fl and had a giant fish swim at me real fast. Creeped me out for a minute

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    Quote Originally Posted by Zeroevol View Post
    I saw a car on the highway today.........
    oh my god, that's a coincidence, I saw one too!!!!

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    I actually saw a white in december and was like wtf?!?!? theyre out was big like 12 feet and it was during a lull so I had to paddle ALL the way back in..freaky