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    are "lost Scorcher"s any good?

    Are they? or ?

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    They are most definitely ??
    and perhaps even somewhat !%
    with a little bit of "*" thrown in for good measure

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    not sure. I have a different model lost and love it. i have admired the scorcher or sub scorcher before, it seems like a nice design for particular conditions.

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    that basic design tweaked for you local break is a solid choice...

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    Just got a 6'0 Sub Driver that has been shaped with the same template as the Scorcher. Only ridden once in 3 to 4 foot short period mush. so my one sesh experience is it caught every wave and i was vary happy with the quick personality. think Scorcher similar?

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    fun board, but i like my f1 and driver more....and whiplash. f1 is perfection in the form of hpsb