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    Was I wrong to take this kid down?

    Okay, I know how people feel about gopro's... I on occasion will take one out... so I had one today...
    I feel like a turd having this issue with a kid, but I have to say I damn near lost my composer and chased this fcktard out of the lineup.
    So, since I had the vid, here it is for all to debate!!! lol.
    Im on the inside, paddle into the wave, see this kid dropping in and I yell to him so he knows Im coming down the line. he looks at me and keeps going. there is some distance but not much... he does some little fairy hack on the lip and bam Im on him.
    In that instant I decide to chop is legs out and I told him if he wants to drop in on people to go to another beach (which is known for lawlesslness)....
    This little **** as he's paddling back out tells me to go f off!!! lol. I mean part of me laughed but part of me wanted to kick his spaghetti armed ass into beach... which I would have been arrested for.
    Now, what happened next? he left the point and went another beach with his buddy.... but really, I follow the rules... this turd is gonna have to at some point, no?
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