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What's with all of the helicopter parents around here??? If it was my kid there'd be 2 questions.
1 Was the guy that ran into you closer to the peak?
2 Did you look toward the peak before you took off?

Kid either lies or tells the truth. Either way my response would be "Better pay attention next time. You could get hurt or VIBED BIG TIME. Move along, nothing else to see here."

My dad would've laughed at me if I was expecting him to go all soccer dad on someone because I did something dumb and got vibed for it. Are you guys the same ones that b1tch at teachers when they dare tell you that your super special kid is being a pain in the azz at school. "How dare somebody tell me my kid isn't the perfect angel! I'm gonna bash someone's teeth in. That'll show them not to mess with my clan." WTF Were you raised in the ghetto?

With all of the talk about the pussification of surfing, maybe some of the gung ho, knuckle dragging, parents should go look in the mirror for a clear picture of the root of the problem.
OK Goose.. You're right... You'd be the best parent ever...
I assume you are referring to me. I am the last person to go "soccer dad"... But if I saw a grown man tackle my kid for dropping in on him on a knee high wave (note- not causing him any danger because it was KNEE high) I would have an issue with that... Did I say something stupid about knocking teeth out? Yes. That was stupid...And I apologized to Fitz for being a douche

BUT.. The original question of this post was. "Am I wrong for taking this KID out?"... The answer is YES. He is a boy and there was no need for it. You should be able to deal with a teenager without taking him out. That's what grown ups that were not "raised in the ghetto" do.