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    Dora Rules apply. Enough said.

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    someone does that crap to me I paddle directly in front of him and shadow him, but at the depth that I want to be sitting. When that first wave comes, and he turns around to paddle for it, guess who is sitting there directly in his way giving him the "oh, pardon me" look. Me. He will grumble and paddle away. Unless this is happening at a spot like 1st street, then it's on you for paddling out in that sh*t show and you should just be dropping in everywhere and pounding on your chest like a mad ape. Good luck!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Henny View Post
    That works THERE ... no locals, few surfers, a well-defined take-off zone ,and surf guides.
    And in waves of consequence!

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    Quote Originally Posted by nj1993 View Post
    You said your relatively new, well the good news is you chose to pick up the best sport/hobby/activity in the world, the bad news is allot of other people surf too, and just like in all areas of life, some people are just d****. With that being said, it doesn't sound like you did anything wrong, besides not calling homeboy out on his death stare. Next time just paddle outside of him obnoxiously and take his wave, then stare at him the rest of the session, that'll get him.
    this is probly the best post iv read on this site.i agree with u 100%there are as$holes in every sport..i would go to a less crowded beach.i always paddle out on an angle.its rude to paddle right through the impact zone when guys are goin for waves.i usually jump in the rip n paddle to the outside on an angle.hint hint:the best waves come off the deep bar next to the rips..if the guy dropps in,id let him take it.surfing is a freesport love n peace,its not worth fighting for a wave.its easier to paddle up the beach and surf alone.i dont rely on others for help.if your afraid to paddle out alone then idk what to tell ya.but if the guy consistinly drops in on u,id return the favor and drop in on them.

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    To the OP, my thoughts:

    "Then right as I'm about to pop up, I see the guy did end up making the drop, and he's coming down the line at me."

    If someone is already coming down the line toward you, then they have priority whether they paddled out an hour ago or a minute ago. It sounds like you know should have shoulder checked while paddling, and backed out before it came to having to bail and pull your board out of the guy's way.

    "...while everyone else was waiting their turn"

    There is often a rotation that develops in the lineup when there is a single take-off spot, and people are agreeable. If that rotation hasnt developed, then "waiting your turn" pretty much mean "sitting on the sidelines"

    "how do you handle wave hogs?"

    we all have our own ways of coping, and it depends on ability, spot knowledge, lineup vibe, how eggregious the wave hog is being, and a bunch of other factors. A "wave hog" who is just a stronger paddler, and is willing to take off deeper or behind the peak (but making the wave) is one thing. If they are just taking advantage of their equipment to catch more waves, that anothing thing.

    Good luck man. You sound like a good guy.
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    That video was already posted... just doesn't apply to crowded us mainland breaks. Places that have a strong local crew that have surfed there for decades. You think they are going to give a guy that's been surfing 1. Year a wave because it's "his turn" ?????? Think again.

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    sounds like you got out of his way anyways. If it was small and not firing there was no reason to get mad. I dont think your in the wrong. It becomes problamatic when a person on a longer board wants every wave. they need to share also. I generally know everyone out in the water so we just trade off sets. but if a longboarder or even a funboarder is taking every set I say something like "im goingon the next one" to let them know I am not going to just sit around and watch them take every wave cause they are on a Longboard. now if its waist high and mushy we should all be on logs anyways.

    Quote Originally Posted by shablagoo View Post
    So this kinda touches on a similar topic to the "was I wrong to take out this kid" thread, in that both parties possibly did wrong, but there was no physical altercation or gopro footage.

    Over the weekend I'm sitting out in the lineup, and a dude who had just paddled out paddles outside of me deeper in the takeoff zone (he had a slightly longer board)...past me and some others who'd been waiting. So I'm thinking "this guy better wait and not go for the next wave." Ah, but we wouldn't have this post if he didn't go for it...and he did.

    As the wave got under him, while he was paddling, it really looked like he wasn't gonna make the drop. So I start paddling for the wave, and the wave picks me up.

    Then right as I'm about to pop up, I see the guy did end up making the drop, and he's coming down the line at me. So I don't pop up, and held on to my board while turning it 90 degrees (perpendicular to the way the wave was travelling) so that I could try and pull out of the this guy's way. I was able to hold onto my board (it was small day) while pulling out, so I didn't let my board go flying or anything.

    Next thing I know, the guy is in the water 10 feet from me. He nor his board hit me, so I'm not sure if he wiped out trying to turn around me or what.

    Now I'm not the kind of dude who provokes people, so I say "Sh!t man I'm sorry about that" (vs what I was thinking "wait your ****ing turn next time"). And instead of sayin anything, he just gives me this badvibe/maddog stare. I didn't say anything in response to his look cause 1) he looked like 30 years older than me, and I tend to defer to older people by default (+ in case it truly was my bad); and 2) cause I am still a little kookish (only 1 year) so I maybe I missed something.

    So I can avoid this in the future, my questions are:

    -should I have done something differently? (aside from taking a bad look and noticing too late that he made the drop)

    -how do you handle wave hogs? (I kept an eye on him for a little bit more of the session and he kept going for almost everything that looked remotely catchable (he def wasn't a kook tho), while everyone else was waiting their turn)

    I realize this is only my side of the story, but I'm curious to hear your insight or any similar situations.

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    The worse on is the guy who has been struggling to paddle for waves for the last hour, then you finally make up your mind to just finally steal one from him, and then he proceeds to give you the death stare as you're paddling back out and you have the look

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    "Dibseys on the set wave of my choice, fellas!" How's that work out for ya? ??