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    Digging on Salisbury Beach?

    Does anyone know what they are digging for on Salisbury Beach? They have a bucket tractor down there below the high tide line and are digging a big long trench about 4 ft wide. I know there is an old shipwreck right near there that you have to watch out for when surfing, but it is probly 50 yards away. The tide is coming up right now, but they are still digging. You can see it here on this beach cam
    Just wondering if anyone knows. I don't want them to take out the Boneyard, if thats what they are doing

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    They can't be up to anything good, it'd be a shame if something happened to that tractor.

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    It would be nice if at low tide they drove real far out and built a "reef" to create a beautifully consistent wave.

    That trough seems to be in an odd spot and will just get filled in when the tide comes up in an hour or so. Seems like wasted effort to me. Maybe a guy had a backhoe and some time to kill

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