I watched the whole thing live, via the webcast, and I thought it was going to be really really close to getting the score for JW to win. I thought the wave was about a half point or so too high based on previous waves. Guys we are talking a half point too high. Watching the heat analizer maybe Gabbys waves looked better. But if you watched the enitre finals (quater filals on thru) you see that the Judges were fairly consistent.
I honestly think it comes down to this, Gabriel lost the heat based on his bad use of priority, not on Julians domination of the heat. Their scoring waves were similar in way of difficulty of manuevers, critical sections, barrel time, size of wave etc., but Gabe had the win, but he screwed up on proiority. Theres always going to be a half a point or so opion difference, you see it all the time thats why the judges drop the top and bottom score and average the 3 remaning, it gives them the best avearge.
Honestly the judging has gotten so much better, its nice to see that one air cant beat three huge Gaffs anymore unless the air is 6 foot above the lip.
I love the new ASP and i think its better than its ever been as far as trying to get the right socres by using replay and such. There is always going to be waves under scored and overscored, its a judged event and you cant take the emotion out of it when you try to score waves days later on the Heat Analiyzer. Its part of sport, the emotion, etc.
If that didnt matter they would just get everyone to surf 5 heats against random draws and tally everyones best ten waves, guy with the highest score of those 10 waves wins. They could judge it a week later, sitting in a condo watching heat analyzer.

Great final, super colse, but JW got the half point he needed becasue he pulled that waveoff in dying seconds. The pressure was that much more when he surfed that wave, last shot to get a score high enough to win, he got just enough probably or maybe a bit below minus the emotion of wave, but being he did it with his last wave after Gabby lost prioirity all the Judges thought it was worthy. Judges compared it to the other waves in the heat. I dont care either way, Gabe will get his world title in the next few years, Brazzo or not, JW will be the next Parko always top 5 in the world but never enough moxey to win the whole thing.