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    Tom Eadon shapes all of the Island Style boards for Derf as well as the Cosmic Bull line. Years ago he had his own label "Rise Surfboards". Also one of the nicest guys you will ever meet

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    Quote Originally Posted by aldous View Post
    I can vouch for Andrew Rendelson (ARC Surfboards), a very talented young dude who shapes out of Greenlight Surf Supply in Manasquan (Jerz). He can build anything, has an encyclopedic knowledge of surfboard design, and he also hand crafts absolutely beautiful, sweetly foiled hardwood fins. He posts his new customs here frequently.

    Haven't heard any news about Greenlight specifically, but I know 'Squan got whacked just as hard as the rest of the coast. Andrew, if you're out there, holler. Wishing you and Brian the best.
    As Brian said, we are lucky to not have any major damage, this is the first day i got any interwebs, glad everyone on here is ok, if i can help anyone move tree's or anything im down by the shore everyday just let me know.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Brode View Post
    Who is the best local shaper in the Mid Atlantic?
    Scott Busby by far no one comes close

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    Quote Originally Posted by Sandbar18 View Post
    That's mah stick!
    My first board from Phil is the one pictured above.
    I'm picking up 2 for a friend and one more of my own from him this week and leaving for PR in 12 days.
    So far he has been excellent to deal with. The board's quality and his ideas/knowledge/experience are second to none. Looking forward to picking up the new quiver and def have been pointing friends to him.
    I don't think that's your board SB18, were you looking from your phone?. Looking forward to getting my boards and breaking them in in PR. This ones yours. Phil is teasing me by only giving me a few tease pics. I'll be sure to post some good pics this week.

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    Quote Originally Posted by banxsurfer View Post
    Bob Yinger(WRV) is very talented and has shaped for all the pros as well as us locals here on the banx. .
    Had a solid board from Yinger,but also Jesse Fernandez from Wrv makes a nice board as well.