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    is north side myrtle beach really better than Pawley's?
    I guess it might be since you guys stick out in the atlantic a little more. I still like the pier at Garden City and Pawley's.Did you have fun on Sat. That was a great session. I stayed out for 4 hours with about 10 minutes of break time. I'm still tired!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by drew0880 View Post
    Any break in Costa Rica. Does it ever get below 4 ft. there? However, once reality sets in I would have to agree once again with Enjoytheslide, south end Pawley's Island. Right now though, they are working on that end and there is no parking near there (unless you park at one of the houses), so that would be a walk.
    I do have a question for Enjoytheslide:
    How are the waves on the north side of Pawley's. I parked near the pier on Sunday and it looked like it has potential, where it jets out into the ocean??!! I was with the family and they didnt want to walk out that far, so i will check on that spot in 2 weeks. During the summer you wouldnt have a place to park, unless you got there at 8:00 in the morning.

    The pier can be good, but usually if the pier is good, the jettys down to the south will be even better. I usually surf the jettys unless its a strong S swell in the summer and i'll surf the point. North end can be ok, definately surfable, but i'd rather surf the south side. or springmaid

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    North pawleys is nothing speical. Same as the inlet. South pawleys is ok, I dont care for it because everytime i make the trip it sucks. ILL stick to springmaid.

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    Come on guys...Springmaid? Pawleys? I grew up in Conway and surfed those "breaks" (haha) and it is terrible. small, mushy, close out. Im not trying to hate or anything but that is what you would surf forever?? If there is any spot in SC that is any good it would defiantly be Folly Beach, and I still would not choose it as the only spot I ever surf forever. If I had to choose, it would def. be Costa Rica in general, just about all of the spots there are amazing.

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    come on now, pawleys island for the rest of your life. the list of factors needed for the surf to be decent in pi is so long and so fickle. the s end does get fun when right though. it accepts a longer period swell a little better than the pier. probably something to do with the underwater swell dissapation. my fav is a 9-11 sec sse swell.

    but to answer to orginal question i's say nosara.

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    there are more factors involved than just quality of wave.

    I have surfed Costa Rica, Puerto Rico, Indo, and Hawaii amoung others. As for waves, sure I'd take Indo. Would I want to live there forever? Absolutely not. I have not been to Nosara and Tamarindo, but I was not impressed with Jaco and Hermosa vs what I saw in PR. Even there the daily waves aren't super great. If you just look at beach quality and access alone most good places have bad beaches and horrible access. Not to mention locals' vibe. So where do you want to live? I want to live in Surfside or Georgetown. I can drive to NNC or CFL in 8 hours for any swell. I can catch both NE and S swells within 1.5 hour drive. Sure it isn't the best, but the question was not best wave, best beach, ect.

    Nateskate you said you didn't want to hate, but that's exactly what you did. Haha? Terrible? maybe...

    As for Folly? No way Jose. IOP maybe, but getting and parking around Folly is ridiculus. It is at least somewhat consistent there. It's also consistently packed with kids. Thanks I'll take fickle-arse Surfside.

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    yea dude, folly sucks....i mean sure, it gets swell, but i'm not gonna go out there and battle 30 dudes on each peak, seems like i almost get in a fight everytime theres surf down there. Also, I don't like paying to park. Screw folly, never surfed IOP, is it crowded?

    PS... glad to see this post is taking off....lets hear some more of those spots guys...

    still standing on Pavones, but any break in costa can be amazing.

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    Padang Padang. I'm goin there next summer. Perfect lefts. Heaven.!

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    Thumbs up

    Jeez, Costa Rica ain't all that compared to the Pacific Rim, some African and South American breaks. For variety and fun, you can't beat Bali and the Mentawai's, that is the surfing playground of the world. Hands down though, this little cove might be the sickest right in the world.Problem is if you find this spot in Mexico, ya might get ganked.. Ya might recognize a few names who would agree:

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    I would have to say that it's a toss up between a no-name point on the south end of Guam or Swami's in Cardiff... Beyond that, any right reef or point with warm water and a barrel section...