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    Quote Originally Posted by shark-hunter View Post
    The fact that you'd even compare subsidizing health insurance for poor people to subsidizing flood insurance for wealthy oceanfront land owners in nj is really quite twisted.
    we get it, you have issues with rich people.

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    he must live in philadelphia

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    Quote Originally Posted by aka pumpmaster View Post
    we get it, you have issues with rich people.
    lol....typical right winger.

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    google haarp .not saying its true but its is interesting.

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    so i get cable/internet back just in time to watch political pundits forecast election returns and read this crap. The solution instead of rezoning 3 blocks would be to build less opulent beach front homes (in the old days there were shacks, easily replaceable and relatively inexpensive but you were at the beach), but then again no one will pay 8k a week to rent a shack with no cable to babysit the kids and no internet to rant on. Great pics in sandy thread nj42, to all you who think that because the people who own these homes have money (not all do, many saved there entire lives to retire to the beach and some of us just enjoy the islands, for 9 months anyway) and because of that they deserve less from the govt, that's stupid, we all contribute to these programs so we should all benefit! Don't hate cause they smarter/harder working than you!

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    Guess what. Most people that lost their homes are not millionaires. I did, and I'm not rich... If you had to pay insurance for your entire life and then when you needed to get your home rebuilt they wouldn't pay enough, you'd want help too... Their is no way insurance will pay for all the reapirs that will be needed. You think people should get screwed? That's cool.... Oh wait, you only think they should get screwed if they can afford it... If it takes Federal money to make EVERYONE whole, that's what it takes. Not just poor people. The US spends a lot of $ fixing other countries problems now it's time to help our own.
    And millionaires have paid a lot of taxes over their lives too

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    Quote Originally Posted by shark-hunter View Post
    Slavery also existed when the country was formed? Your lack of caring and empathy is quite frankly disgusting. Plenty of people who don't smoke or are fat get sick and die. Spend some time in a hospital and see for yourself. You get perfectly healthy people getting cancer and heart disease as well as countless other diseases. Genetics, luck, and age are the biggest determining factors. You have people getting Leukemia in their 20s who never smoked. Look at a PDR sometime and see the staggering amount of diseases that can happen for no apparent reason other than bad genes/luck. I guess people are hoping they get cancer so they can get a "free hand out". LOL

    (and property of millionaires who choose to live on the ocean)
    And who pays for people when their in the E.R.? Say a homeless person is having a heart attack(or a person who's job doesn't give them benefits) Do you suggest we throw them on the street like an animal to die? Who pays for this? We live in a society where costs for major expenditures are spread out. Like police for example or roads. The fact that we are still the only modern 1st world country without a universal healthcare speaks more to the greed and stupidity of a significant percentage of people in this country. Thankfully, Obama has taken us away from that. Really hoping he wins the election. I don't need to go anywhere. We are heading towards universal healthcare thankfully.
    First you go back to slavery, lol. Let's go back even a few hundred more years where many Irish and Scottish were slaves. Aren't we passed that now. No, we aren't because everyone still wants a free handout and doesn't want to work for anything. Free healthcare, welfare (even used by illegals), free cellpones, and many other freebies that everyone else pays for. No one takes personal responsibility for themselves. They want government to hold their hand with everything. Free circle jerks by the US govt coming soon to your area.

    I'm talking about the law of the land. You can't use other people tax dollars to pay for a privilege. Other countries can do as they please but that is what makes this country unique. If you want free healthcare, you have the freedom to move to another country. For the record as I said previously, I don't believe in using tax dollars for rebuilidng of homes from disasters either. My community comes together and we help one another. You have no faith in people in the community, it's sad. People have been helping people for centuries before federal govt got involved. There are free clinics, red cross, church groups and many more originations that will always help people in need. Maybe you should try volunteering but someone like you just complains and have probably never helped another person in need. Talk bout having no empathy. Your comments right after this disaster speak volumes. You could have waited a few weeks to make your non-sympathetic comments after this disaster but you didn't. Now, you are saying other people have no empathy. Give me a break. How old are you? Let me guess you are attending college? Once you are old enough to work your ass off, you will see. Many young people start off with this mindset and definitely change once they start working and see so many others (illegals included) get things handed to them that they never worked for.

    For the record, I'm not rich. My family has lived in the area their whole life. We just work hard for what we have and don't expect handouts.