I am putting together a surf training program at a local indoor pool. We are still working out details, but I am trying to get a idea of local interest in such a program.

The program will be open to all ages and abilities. It will be instructed by a local swimming coach, a pro body boarder and myself (body boarder/ long boarder) and overseen by the recreation department and the Beach Patrol. The instructors will tailor the workout to each individual depending on ability.

Our objective is to prepare people interested in surfing or body boarding for the up coming surf season. We can instruct all ages and abilities in swimming endurance, dry land training, ocean safety, surfing and body boarding techniques and. We can also provide information about when and where to surf depending on weather
patterns and local rules.

This type of program will be valuable to beginners as well as advanced surfers and body boarders. If you or someone you know is interested email me at hertz22@mchsi.com and you will be added to the list to receive details.

I would be happy to hear your questions or comments.