"Atlantic Ocean Stations (11/9/12 update)
On November 6, 2012, the United States Environmental Protection Agency in cooperation with the NJDEP collected ocean water samples for enterococcus (an indicator of human pathogens) from near shore waters from Sandy Hook to Seaside Heights. These samples were collected to delineate any plume of pollutants from the NY/NJ Harbor and measure its effect, if any, on NJ’s coastal waters. Sample results indicate no measurable effect from the NY/NJ Harbor discharge on NJ’s coastal waters. Results for enterococcus were extremely low. The maximum result was 60 cfu/100ml; the minimum result was <10 cfu/100ml; the geo-mean was 6 cfu/100ml. For reference, the recreational bathing standard is 104 cfu/100ml.

No additional monitoring of the Atlantic Ocean is anticipated at this time."