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    Conditions Update

    Can anyone give me an update on how things are looking out in NJ, specifically Spring Lake to Bradley Beach. Heading back to the Jersey Coast after being in So Cal for a while and I haven't been able to get any real time pics or info from any of my friends from out that way. Thanks

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    photo (19).jpgIts a mess. Everything within two blocks of water is a wreck. sad- people are emptying out their flooded homes onto the curbs.You can't even get to the beach in Belmar- I was volunteering and helping ppl pump the 5ft of water of their basements- police are paroling ocean ave- making sure no one crosses or stands on ocean ave. the streets are all barricaded within 3 blocks of ocean ave with police only allowing residents in or contractors. Its basically like a war zone. its sad. some areas worse then others.

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    i live in the northern part of that area and basically what walkongonh20 just said. people are still pumping water out of their houses, many are a total loss and their possesions are out front. i got lucky, my house was untouched but i lost some important things in the basement. I just finished cleaning out my basement last night, sucked to throw out a few things... The beachfront is demolished, going to be a while before things are cleaned up and people can move back in. the amount of work going on right now is pretty crazy tho, lots of employment