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    Apocalypse preparation, herbal remedy, beer

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    Right now. I hunt, bow/muzzleloader/shotgun. Eat venison, turkey and duck. Enjoy time at home with the family. And look forward to big days in the water. Summer time flat days give me an excuse to take the boat out. Fish/tube/wakeboard. And if all else fails go kiteboarding and last but no least BBQ as much as possible.

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    socal and ocnj
    Quote Originally Posted by dudeman View Post
    what is coastal collab
    Coastal Collab is the newest local grown movement. Clothing being carried in Heritage too. Check it out!

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    Crosstrain! especially swimming and prepping for colder water and heavier suit. When at the beach and its flat I paddle way out and look back at the continent. Keep those paddle boys strong. sometimes do sprints in the water. 100 out 100 in fast. Ready for the next good swell.

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    Quote Originally Posted by hal View Post
    I longboard around town. I go to my favorite bay beach nature preserve, sit under this one tree and meditate. No one is ever around there... ever, the water is warm in the bay. In a way, when its flat, its a blessing. I get a chance to really just chill with nature. There are tons of birds, turtles, deer, rabbits, even foxes... ****ing rocks. I just float there on my back all alone in the warm water for hours sometimes.
    very nice.