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    Surfing the Pacific is more dangerous than you think.

    I love the Pacific Ocean. I used to get to go to CR every year from '91 to '05. We moved there in 01 but had to return because the wifes mom got sick. In 05 I started a business and had no vacation anymore. But after the tsunami in Japan, I'm glad(kinda) that I'm stuck on the east coast. Fukushima Nuke plant got reamed. 3 of 4 reactor cores burnt thru, and the 4th had the top blown off and the rods are exposed. the containment is tilting and will topple over. This year, further north, there was an explosion and fire in a building containing several hundred barrels of radioactive substance. A storm blew over it, went across the ocean, past hawaii and uo to Wash and Oregon.
    this is the scariest video you'll ever watch.
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