Hi everyone,
I'm new to the forum and I've been following swellinfo.com for about a year now.
I know lots of people on the northeast coast doesn't really like people from Canada coming to surf, but i've been doing it all by myself trying not to disturb and following the ''rules'' for about 2 years now (first year I only surfed 3 times)
I've been out in the surf about 25 days over those 2 last years and I want to get more serious about this sport (I love everything about it: the ocean, the people, the waves, the fitness level....etc).
I bought a Cinnamon Rainbow 8'6 longboard this summer, and I've been catching lots of waves with it, lots of fun on small days.
I'd like to equip myself with a smaller board for the bigger days (chest to head high) of fall, winter and spring.
I get lots of good advices from the crew at cinnamon but i'd like to know what kind of board you would used as a transition to smaller board. I'm 6'0 and 185 pounds