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Thread: wind variance

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    wind variance

    I noticed today that there seems to be a variance between swellinfo wind predictions and the weather channel by about 10-15 mph. Anyone know why this is? Is it because swellinfo is just looking at wind speed on ocean/shore and weather channel for the region? note this is not a grip about swellinfo i'm just curious.

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    Not positive but I heard once that the weather channel uses an average wind speed for the region. Regardless I've found better luck with magicseaweed's wind report.

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    Swellinfo forecasts winds right offshore of the coast, the weather channel is likely to give you wind forecasts that are inland... There can be a big difference between winds right along the coast and winds that are inland.

    But, I will always look at the buoy/land station map, to see what the actual measurements are and how the forecasts are compared to the observations.