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That's because the faction of FOGs on LBs that the OP was ranting about are having a sausage convention on the same peak. Is it the preferred peak? Unfortunately. But there's a lot of surfable peaks and shoulders there on a good day so sheepkook who's dumb enough to be amalgamated into the Idiocracy that one peak is deserves a nose to the eyeball.

I'd be superstoked to be there on a decent day and see the middles and the insides wide open. Most non-arctic days that are clean swell there's a fair representation of the local meathead glitterati on each wave. Someone also needs to tell Mr. LSD that he's not the only LSD name shaping sticks out there and the other is way above his arse on the food chain. Nice crappy goatee bro. He and Wayne shop at the same white van stealership.

Very glad to see you are getting back into peak form here in the SI lineup. Keep shredding on and off the site bro!