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    ISA killed the WSL star

    The Olympics will surely change surfing

    Can someone please explain how this articles topic will effect competitive surfing.

    Clownface is a soul surfer, he doesn't understand the surfing league

    But already this soul surfer is becoming an American surf team super fan. Flup Australia, flup France, flup Japan, flup Spains surf teams. USA surf team will win 2020.

    I think the Olympics will make competitive surfing more competitive. It's fun!!

    I can be a soul surfer and still like competitive surfing, expecially the WSL big wave awards and various big wave competitions, WOW, and southern hemi WOW.

    Can I be a soul surfer and still follow competitive surfing?
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    Be both at once??
    Sure, as long as you watch competitions for what is on the beach, bikinis!!!

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    surfing cant be anymore competitive,it is what it is.u have a time frame to catch waves and if the waves don't come its hard to compete

    the only thing that matters in competition is priority