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    Go out, have fun. If your catching waves and enjoying yourself by yourself it is worth it. Some of my best memories surfing are the days when the skies are steel gray, flurries and small clean surf with no one around.

    Small surf cuts down on the ice cream headaches. If you are actively seeking waves and going out whenever its rideable you will be better off when it does get bigger.

  2. I go out if its at least 1-3 clean because its better then nothing

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    I will once I get a thicker wetsuit. I prefer 1-3 ft days in the winter. Easy to get out and usually no stress to catch anything.

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    When you are just learning, it's great to be out there alone in small stuff. Surfed every chance I could last winter. Keeps your skills up and you don't get in anybody's way. It is a b!tch getting in and out of a wet suit so staying out as long as you can is highly advised!

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    winter is dark cold and boring, get it in if you can. some of the best days longboarding for me have been 1-3 ft winter days with no one around. plus you can choose whatever break you want, being thats its not summer. before i surfed winter years back, a friend convinced me..'you have to love surfing more than you hate the cold'. think about that.

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    absolutely. solo winter sessions are one of the best parts of being an east coast surfer.....

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    Does a bear sh*t in the woods? Is Marvin Gaye? Does Stevie wonder?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Zippy View Post
    I surf more small days than huge days in the winter. Getting beat down in 40 degree water with sub freezing air temps on a big day isnt that much fun. Waist to chest high is perfect in the winter with chest to head high on the warmer days being close to biggest I will go out. Once in a while there will be a big, fat and easy day, overhead and just plain fun. I go out on those days too.
    Couldn't be more correct.

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    anything loggable.....go surf.

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    You mean like today? Was on the log for a couple hours and then the SUP for a cpl at south end OCNJ. Beautiful day out there alone