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    Smaller surf is a relative term. Knee high and under I am not paddling out unless its a great knee high, really fun wave shape with decent rides yeah I will go. Knee high and mushy crap windswell, not suiting up for that.

    But if i havent surfed in awhile do to live type stuff, career, fam, etc then if its a sunny day on a Saturday its knee high and sorta rideable, i may go then too.

    Fun Stomach high surf in winter is great, hold downs are nothing, duck dives dont require going to deep. I love fun waist to stmach high on the right stick in winter

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    Quote Originally Posted by njsurfer42 View Post them
    Definitely!......And what better than only you being out!

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    Always worth going out. I look for those smaller days in winter that are clean. Even surfed when its snowing out. Very sureal! Nothing worse than getting trashed on a big day in the winter. that cold water just squeezes the body. The worse part of winter surf is getting out of the wetsuit outdoors when surifng at Chinco or similar spots where there is no proection from wind and cold air. But my favorite day was just after a snow storm 4ft and clean breaking off the rocks at Croatan. 35 air 34 water, snowon the beach and no wind. Like riding on ice. Got tubed til it closed out. So worth it. And being the only one out is awesome!!