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    Both Goofy and Regular

    I started surfing as a goofy foot but I'm wondering if my surfing would have progressed more as a regular footed surfer because of the rights in NJ. I'm also starting to think that regular foot may have been better and more natural. Has anyone ever switched from one stance to the other after surfing one way for a while? Are there any people who can ride either stance?

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    Quote Originally Posted by zaGaffer View Post
    P.S. - I've never tried popping up Goofy though, I just realized that's probably more what you're talking about, huh?[/I]
    I'm goofy, and Delaware is all about rights. I've spent my entire life driving 45 mins. to maryland to surf lefts.

    Dropping in on a steep wave backside and pumping off the bottom for speed / projection out onto the shoulder is harder. Your heels are a lot less useful of a tool than toes. It is pretty easy to gouge a satisfying, bucket throwing turn backside.

    Gaffer...if your arent standing up switch, then you arent getting the full-on humbling experience. I like trying it once in a while on a fun-shape sized board in small clean waves just to realize how completely disconnected your circuitry actually is for something you only attempt 10 times a year.

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    I can hop to switch foot and take off and stand up switch foot but once I'm up I'm about at the level I was 1 year into surfing. I'm sure you could do it but it would take a lot of practice. I'm a regular foot but just the other day I took off on a right goofy foot just for fun. The strange thing was I could surf back side on a right almost as we'll as I can surf back side on a left, which is not very good. I thought that was interesting since if I had taken off goofy foot on a left I would have been barely able to turn but on the right with the same footing I jammed a nice bottom turn into a pretty solid top turn.

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    I learned to surf backside (I'm a regular foot) in Cape May and other South Jersey spots, and it wasn't until I moved up here to Monmouth County that I got to surf rights with any consistency. Today I'm glad I cut my teeth on lefts, because I'm a lot more comfortable going backside than most of the guys I know who grew up surfing frontside rights almost exclusively.

    I say don't try to re-train yourself. You never know where you'll end up living or traveling to, and you'll want to make the most of it. Besides, doing old school laybacks or dragging a$$ in the tube is fun!
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    In VB it depends on the swell direction. I am goofy and pretty much am better at making bigger turns backside than frontside because i learned how to surf on rights mostly. but it really comes down to swell direction. for N- ENE swells, lefts are usually better so I go to a spot that the left works better and for ESE-S swells viceversa.
    But to the original question. I love trying to go regular. it's like learning how to surf again! i can take off regular on my funboard decently (i actually made my first decent turn regular the other day). It just takes a lot of practice.

    JOB is literally the best person i have seen at switch stance. he's doing that **** at pipe and waves of consequence!

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    You can't really re-train yourself. You can learn to ride switch, but you'll never turn from goofy to reg or vice versa...
    I do think there will be a lot more switch stance surfing in the future. Just like snowboarding and skating. You have to have the full bag of tricks natural and switch to compete... I bet in 15 years there will be guys on tour pulling everything switch.

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    Heard kelly Slater quote that the guy that can switch stance will push the sport forward. Its hard but not impossible just requires a differerent use of muscles and focus.

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    I try skating switch in order to walk the board and ride goofy when I'm riding the log. I can do it for a bit goofy but it's mainly just trimming and holding on.

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    if you have trouble riding backside, one of those asymmetrical boards like Ekstrom's design at hydronamica might help