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    Red face 2012 Billabong Pro Pipe Masters is on for those who want to tune in on the Internet.

    Heats 3 and 4 are still to come - Josh Kerr, Kelly Slater (still alive for his 12th title)


    Parko is now the chaser (below analysis is from Surfline):


    -If Kelly loses in R5, Parko wins.
    -If they both lose in the quarters, Kelly wins.
    -If Kelly loses in the quarters, Parko needs a semis finish to win.
    -If they both lose in the semis, then Kelly wins.
    -If Kelly loses in the semis, Parko needs a finals finish to win.
    -If they meet in the final, whoever wins the final wins the title.

    From the quarters on, Kelly is slightly ahead of Parko due to the fact that Parko's throwaway scores are higher. Parko needs a higher finish than Kelly after the quarters to better his 5200 throwaway score. So if Kelly can break into the quarterfinals, Parko becomes the chaser.


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    Kelly Slater v. Shane Dorian

    I was hoping to see this heat from the start of the comp, half way through and its not dissapointing!

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    Hanna- Round 4 is a noones out round. Winner advances to quarters and 2-3 resurf in round 5
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    Hats off to Billabong for taking a moment of silence during the awards ceremony for the tragedy in CT.