For me, now that I'm an old geez, COLD. I was in Manzanillio Costa Rica, north of Santa Teresa, and God kept me from going out. I pulled up to playa bongo and saw A frame peaks popping over the top of the dune. I grab my board and when I saw the beach it was covered with Vultures. I saw the sign and decided to go elsewhere. the wing shifted side shore and chopped it up. That afternoon I returned. It was cloudy and looking like a storm, but the beach was clear and the waves were better. It was raining and rumbling as soon as I got my board off, but since I was going to be wet anyway, I started to enter the water. It got really stormy and lightningy and it drove me back to the car. I tried to wait it out but lightning kept getting more intense, striking around the car with a flash and a bang. After a long while, it was getting dark, I took off, and as soon as I got away from the beach it cleared up. That night I proclaimed that I didn't care if it was raining vultures and dropping molten lead from the sky, I was going out. That night I was almost asleep, on my stomach, when this thing, the size of my hand, dropped on my back and was moving. I freaked, start swatting behind myself, and pulled my neck and back. I was walking around like Frankenstein the rest of the trip. Good Times!