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What size dimples are the most effective, larger or smaller? I was thinking about this and wondered if you would get a similar "dimples" type result if you didn't hot coat the bottom of your board. Would the slight depressions from the weave act as dimples?
Straight from the horses mouth... Mike Daniel:

I know that the golf ball analogy is going to be used, but it's not applicable in a strict sense. Tripping the boundary layer on a golf ball reduces the drag on a sphere moving through air, by allowing a smaller ''wake'' behind the ball. On a planing surface the effect is a little different. Any planing surface is going to have transition points between laminar (no boundary layer) and turbulent flow. We are just tripping the boundary as soon as possible. All our feedback from testing and initial customer reports indicates it's working.

As usual, we're not going to do any big claims. We'll just let the surfboards do the talking.