So we've been having some great swell the past few weeks in my area, and I'm very thankful, but lately theres been HEAPING wind every time I've gone since October...I normally wouldn't be bothered by this if it weren't cold, but the last few times I've been out there were 20-30+ mph nw winds that practically ripped my face off, and it goes right through the suit too. Today theres a prediction for 20+ mph nw wind and the surf is solid right now but I'm so turned off by the wind chill factor. Same thing for this sunday, 20-25 mph nw winds. Been the same annoying wind pattern for like 10 sessions in a row for me, although yesterday I lucked out when the wind shifted to light sw with nearly DOH surf late afternoon. Other than that, pretty frustrated..anyone else experiencing this? Yesterday my friend said it helped to put vaseline on your face or something..