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    360 Bottom Turn on a Single Fin

    Have you ever seen this guy out at lowers on his single fin? I came across this article and 2 videos of him surfing. In the first one he does a 360 bottom turn and in the other video he just does air after air on a single fin!

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    seen this before... at first I was intrigued... now after watching it again... I feel like I know what it means for a board to have no drive in it. he looks like his speed is really at the mercy of the wave.

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    It seems to work well with a point break like wave such as lowers. I don't know how it will handle a beach break. definitely a very cool design, its very free flowy.

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    doesn't look like a carving 360 turn to me
    (as mentioned in the plug for his designs underneath the video)

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    those polfer-hull designs are really dumb, i think. But a real single fin, like the ones of the past...those things are ALL drive. Really fun boards. That thing looks like a thruster with one fin, and weird bottom design.

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