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If push comes to shove all of us could probably make a board work in any kinda of surf with enough push. Is it best? No. Sorry no such thing as a one board quiver. Everyone needs at least two...Something fishy for small days and a shortboard for good days. That said I had a5 fin convertible 5'8'' dominator that was a good board small wave board up to head high. Could it go bigger. Sure... but it wasn't optimal for those conditions (I was 5'11'' 180ish). Time to start collecting up a legit quiver...boards that are ideal for different conditions...it will take a while and can be as little as two or three boards. On the plus side when you're switching out boards instead of just riding one to death, they last a lot longer and it kinda off sets the costs in the long run. My good wave/travel board is 6 years old and my step up was at least that old before it died. Didn't ride them as much as the fishes or small wave HP boards but it was nice when I needed them. Once you figure out what you need/like... the used board rack in the spring at your local shop can be key to building up your quiver.
thats a good point...i have a foam longboard i fool around with in the summer, im trying to get my "up to head high" board. I believe the firewire alternator is gonna be my best bet..