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    I use to get spooked and get out for a few and wait, but now I just pull my feet and hands out of the water for a minute, wait for it to disapear, then continue surfing. Probably isn't the smartest of tactics, but i'm not getting out every time I see a fin.

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    I'm with DP SUP......landing gear up.... verify I am not on menu...then "as I was"......but I think it is one of the smarter tactics. Getting out only makes sense if you stay out. Getting in and out doesn't make much sense at all....seems like you'd only be adding to your edible appeal.

    Anywho, hope everyone had a wonderful Holiday and New Years. Peace on Earth and Waves for All

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    this past summer I was surfing and it was waist stomach and it was dusk to getting dark and I saw fin out of my left corner of my eye and damn that shark was 8 ft to my left coming towards me after that there was a little wave to get in and I was out of there. Then surfed the next morning and somebody was talking about seeing 1 early when they got in.

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    I wouldn't get out for a shark, but blue fish scare the hell out of me.

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    Depends on the clarity of the water. Really only an issue if it's murky...also, hold your ground. I dive with Bull sharks frequently and have only had issues when the water is not clear. Bottom line, they want nothing to do with you unless they think you are something else.
    Also, Perfect time to go!!! Waves are generally great! Let me know if you need guide, boards, rooms or transportation. I have some local friends there who run services.
    Also, check out my daily video surf report, it will get you excited. Each morning I post a 45 second clip of the day's surf from Santa's killer.
    Enjoy...Live The Lifestyle!

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    Nahhh.....I've only left the water once after being bumped by a bull. If they bump you their sizing you up. When I see a fin I just try to be more aware.

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    living in the northeast,i got bigger worries than sharks.sounds like an excuse just to get out the water.if u lived in northern california,australia,or south africa then id be more concerned.the only sharks iv ever seen are sand sharks.i caught 1 last summer fishing off the beach in sandy hook.that was the only shark iv ever seen in person and it wasnt scary.i dont even think they have have a better chance getting struck by lightning.however if i was in the water and a shark came up,id stay still and try to let it get away and then calmly paddle in.if u start thrashing the water fighting to get out u might be featured on the next shark week

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    I see small fins from small brown sharks in Strathmere and don't sweat it. I did get out fast once when a buddy saw a thresher fin right near me.

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    depends on location, shark..etc some sharks are more agressive at certain times and places. for instance i wouldnt want to get caught up in a bait run in south florida in november. :/