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you'll also be logging onto wblivesurf.com 5 times a day, this site is the best, creation of local hero tony butler
Hahaha true that its a great website. Also has a great live cam. Anyways wrightsville IMO is the best for uncw students because its closer and CB usually has like the same conditions. Though the waves aren't great or anything they can sometimes get pretty fun and the water is warmer than obx. If one of your friends is from here and/or has a boat you can check out masonboro or some other barrier islands that can pick up a nice little wave. You prob won't be able to surf mase alone with friends but some of the other places you can. I'm in a 4/3 gloves and booties right now. Last winter you could get away with a 3/2 but maybe not this go around... Yep you'll have fun