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    Exclamation Rip Curl 4* event in PR

    Held at Jobos , should be fun to watch!

    The shortest and most risky paddle out in world. (only if it's mackin!)Because of the size of the rock that waves wedges off of, you can't see when is a good time to go, really? You walk out in knee deep water (which is the takeoff spot) and just have to go for it and hope that a set is not swinging around the rock.

    Jobos locals - The locals at Jobos, they're families own the business on the beach, several generations have grown up on the beach there, they don't have a ton of money like California beach families, are incredibly friendly and warm, despite having their beaches and waves being invaded every weekend by San Juaneros and Americans who treat PR like a 3rd world country. The rock at Jobos is almost off limits to non-locals, period. If the boys are on it, it's theirs, paddle down the beach. Give them that. When its empty go get it. If it's not, surf the peak over or be prepared to scrap for that peak. You can't walk onto a prime basketball court in Brooklyn and expect to play the next game. You gotta work your way up to that court. Its no different in surfing. Imagine the world invading your front yard everyday, leaving trash all over the place, taking up all the parking spots and cutting in line everywhere you go. I promise you, you surf Jobos with respect, you will have NO problems. Give them the rock. It's theirs. Thats all they want. That,and not to be dropped in on. Locals keep order at every spot. Be grateful.

    That I agree with. But wow what a great wave when it's head high to a few feet over..
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