Yank & I (and others) actually agree on something! This time it was you getting the short end of the stick (pun intended), but next time it might be you accidentally dishing out the pain, in the water or elsewhere. As a guy who's made the "eye for an eye" (pun intended) mistake many, many times, I can honestly say that it has never improved the situation or made me feel even an ounce better about what happened. On the other hand... what's always made me feel better is dropping my anger and my pride and forgiving someone for their mistake... hard to do, I know... but worth it.

P.S. next time you see me foaming at the mouth and streaming obscenities at the local kiteboarders... please remind me that I said this!

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Seems like the guy is doing the right thing by taking care of your med bills so far.

What to do? Shake hands, forgive & keep moving. Be a man, not some puss who's screaming about a lawsuit.

How did America get to the point where someone owes everybody for anything gone wrong?

Stuff happens. Life ain't fair. Get over yourself.