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Thread: January

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    I will get out this weekend.

    I surfed last weekend, but I've been missing out on waist high glassy goodness this week because of work. I'm starting to dislike my co-workers, and I have a permanent scowl on my face whenever I'm here

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    Quote Originally Posted by StuckontheGulf View Post
    Shoot, man up. If you want a PROPER flat spell come to the gulf. We can out flat spell anyone!
    No freakin' kidding!! Skunk city! Can't remember when I last surfed! Supposed to be good Sunday though....

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    Quote Originally Posted by Swellinfo View Post
    A lot of us got spoiled in the Fall... but its pretty normal to have flat spells in the winter regardless of of it being a relatively active or inactive season.
    Its funny. Last fall, when I scheduled my surfers ear surgery (no surfing for two months or so) for late December it was completely because the past few years December has rocked with swell, and right after Christmas we have gone into this long spell of offshores every winter. Three weeks post surgery and so far I really haven't missed any waves except once on the 27th.
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