I just got job offers at two companies located near Chincoteague Island. I currently live in Newark DE, have a great job in the area, and do love the life I have there, but ever since I lived at the beach for a few summers as a lifeguard, I liked the idea of living in a more rural area, being able to surf before/after work, and maybe during lunch break.
To me, its a dream to be able to have a good job, making a difference in the world, AND living at the beach. If I can go to work and score waves at the same time, instead itching for the weekends, it seems like a win to me.
I'm 90% sure I'm going to take one of the jobs, but wanted some feedback on people that live in Chincoteague, or people that have made the choice to change lifestyles so they could live at the beach. Or feedback on if I should live somewhere else, and just work in Chincoteague.