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    Fred Rubble vs DFR

    Anyone riding one of these boards? Looking for some user reviews.

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    Aug 2012
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    My cousin rides the Rubble. In love with it. But nothing first person. Heard rave reviews from some of my boys who have been riding the Lost Sub Driver. If the North East ever gets waves again I'm going to see about getting a few waves on it. Been on the CI Pod this past year which has been great. You can throw the tail around in 1-2 foot mush, and get a real responsive feel when driving the rail into a turn when its head high. But it does lack the speed in bigger swell. A little sluggish.

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    Dec 2011
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    just got a drf outline with the tail flip BUT a low rocker like a fred. living in the northeast and this is my winter board. just stepped it up to a 6'2 instead of true to size