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Yeah, thanks for the summery of FL Surfing...I'm pretty sure we are all aware....I and I'd say 90% of us have "our" spots, I only bring up the pier cause it's a more consistent break around here.

Also, I was referencing the over forecast, saying 4-6+ and was 2-3+ at best....and as far as only getting 3 feet or less, I beg to differ, might need to paddle a little more outside.

And I didn't give any complaints about crowds or not getting any fun waves, just the overforecast....was just looking for a little insight as to why and i f it would be resolved.

Sorry to rant, just can't stand some people that just pop in, don't address the actual "subject" of the post and give us all a lecture on what we are doing wrong and how to surf better. That is all.

This is Florida....we know....surfing is fickle....but inaccurate models don't make it any easier...no matter how good your spot is....
2.jpg Could have been 4-6 in some places