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    I went surfing on Wed. this week - not much surf but it was clean and I was itchin. I went out at 8t St. OCMD
    Placed my keys in my board bag and into the water. I went in with ankle slappers for waves. (thigh at best)
    WEll the wind blew my board bag into the water and my keys were gone. Of coarse my wax in the board bag was onshore but my keys GONE! I live in Baltimore and went down for the day so a little problem!
    I walked up to Malibus where the owner was setting up and asked him if anyone dropped him any keys? Nope. I was ready to get a locksmith a $100 in cost. He called the Chevy Dealership and they could make me a key from the the vin number for $10. Sweet!
    How to get there ? With no license, no money , no change of clothes and 180 miles from home and the closest friend!

    The owner, Lee, gave me the surf van and $20 to cover my cost for the key and sent me on the way with directions and all!
    Funny thing walking into a dealership with a wetsuit on but all was good. I repayed back Lee and bought some stuff too that I really did not need. I know where to buy my next board though!

    Thanks Lee again and if you think about buying something from a shop remember what this guy is like and give this guy your business because who knows what another store guy would do.

    Thought this was prevelant from some store bashing I was reading .
    I would like to think I would have done what Lee did but to give a total stranger your van and $20?
    Moral of the story get a necklace for your key and leave the board bag at home or in your car. I know I will! one dumb mistake don't make the same.
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