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    I went surfing on Wed. this week - not much surf but it was clean and I was itchin. I went out at 8t St. OCMD
    Placed my keys in my board bag and into the water. I went in with ankle slappers for waves. (thigh at best)
    WEll the wind blew my board bag into the water and my keys were gone. Of coarse my wax in the board bag was onshore but my keys GONE! I live in Baltimore and went down for the day so a little problem!
    I walked up to Malibus where the owner was setting up and asked him if anyone dropped him any keys? Nope. I was ready to get a locksmith a $100 in cost. He called the Chevy Dealership and they could make me a key from the the vin number for $10. Sweet!
    How to get there ? With no license, no money , no change of clothes and 180 miles from home and the closest friend!

    The owner, Lee, gave me the surf van and $20 to cover my cost for the key and sent me on the way with directions and all!
    Funny thing walking into a dealership with a wetsuit on but all was good. I repayed back Lee and bought some stuff too that I really did not need. I know where to buy my next board though!

    Thanks Lee again and if you think about buying something from a shop remember what this guy is like and give this guy your business because who knows what another store guy would do.

    Thought this was prevelant from some store bashing I was reading .
    I would like to think I would have done what Lee did but to give a total stranger your van and $20?
    Moral of the story get a necklace for your key and leave the board bag at home or in your car. I know I will! one dumb mistake don't make the same.
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    Wow, some tough luck. Thats awesome Lee hooked you up.

    I've got a couple tough luck surf stories, but they all occurred before I got in the water...

    Drove down a couple hours, met a friend, stopped to check my favorite spot. Saw a nugget come in with a good 3-4 sec wide open barrel - no one out. I was so amped that I ran and jumped off the steps - only to land sideways on my ankle. I thought about going out anyway, but when my ankle swelled up like a tennis ball, I went to the emergency room - got some x-rays and a crutch, and was out of the water for a couple months.

    Once, drove up to LBI, NJ. Parked in front of harvey cedars to check the surf. When I got back to the car, it wouldnt start! so, instead of leaving it in the middle of the road, I pushed it into this vacant driveway, and called AAA. Well, AAA, came and so did the police sherrif. The sherrif was harassing me for parking in someone's driveway - bastard! I had a full on yelling match with the sherrif, and they even called back up, it was rediculous. This guy didn't care i was broken down, 2 hours from home, but that a "surfer" might infringe on the neighborhood... it was crap. the police in LBI blow.

    Who else has a tough luck surf story?

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    Bad Luck Surfing

    Man, that sucks about the LBI Police - OCNJ can be like that, too. Here is my hard luck story: I bought my first board this fall - it was a SouthPoint 9'1". The first time I used it, my non-surfing twin and I went to Towers for the day, and I had a really fun session - I was probably out for three or four hours until the tide changed. We then proceeded to DogFish to watch the Ravens game like true Baltimorons would. When it was time to leave, I was exhausted, so I basically passed out in the car while my brother drove. He woke me up about one or two hours later - I only had a soft top then, and the board had flown off the top of the car! Luckily, no one was hurt, but he had been doing 85 up rt. 1, which made things worse because we were about in Wilmington - I live in Annapolis, and he completely missed the turn onto 404 and just kept going straight. I guess the 7 or 8 IPAs he estimated to have drank at the bar didn't help. I was my fault, too - I should have stayed awake. The board was lost forever, and I was depressed for so long. I did end up getting an excellent deal on a used Takayama after that, so that's been cool. I got off work Tuesday for the Ford holiday, so I'll be down.

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    That is the funniest thing ever. Micah, I think Jordy and I were the ones that pushed your ass into the parking lot. Jordy and I surfed this past weekend and were laughing our asses off about that ****...same street and all. Surf was pumping and oil slick conditions. The cops followed our asses all the way out of the town like some lost people. All dude, we have some tough luck just BEING BORN IN LAND! Tickets from speeding at 130 mph to the beach, falling asleep at the wheel (josh) forgetting booties in january and still going out, one glove in february...Micah how about that time me you and josh jumped the parking block at south side in the dodge dynasty, parked the car and surf liked nothing happened. Then I sweet talked my ass out of it and we surfed perfection in an april snow shower. The worst is jorday and I drove to asbury park from ac to find our our boards were in our bodies front yard-that was one sick bodysurf session! Let the stories enfold you!