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    When you live in the south, as I do, you start to consider 50F days cold. I use a 4/3 in the winter, but with the water down to 50 I will need some boots/gloves to be comfortable out there. I am very happy to see high 70's in the forecast for this week.

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    doug, my first post wasnt denying anything. it was my OPINION. Was their an arctic air mass over us all week? yes their was:fact. did it bother me? no: first post even admitted that this past week has been chilly.... i didnt comment on this thread to fight with you or any one else, i just wanted to voice my opinion on the weather. i find it rather brash of you to make assumptions and conclusions about what type of person i am from literally 2 sentences. do i have thin skin because i found your sarcasm irritating? maybe, but thats your opinion and you're entitled to it. lets keep the topic of discussion to what the thread is intended for and off of my personality.

    And sure id love a possum hide loin cloth