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I'd be interested in you thoughts behind the design. There's no place for it in east coast waves but it looks like it flies in the steep sections. I guess the big time tail rocker lets you use a whole lot more of the wave right? Why don't you start up a new thread about it?
Hi Clemson, thanks for the suggestion.

Firstly I'm not sure which design you are looking at, it does make a difference to the answer. Having said that my long board designs are all rounders and go very well on short period swells and flatter waves as well as steeper and/or long period swells, so they'll do well on the East Coast ( presumably it was swell period and steepness or lack of it which you were referring to re. the East Coast).

Secondly regarding rocker, all is not what it seems. If we take as an example the Dragon 13'9" which is shown in the most recent videos on http://www.roystuart.biz then you might be surprised to learn that it has an almost identical rocker to the Phil Edwards Clark 10'3" blank, which is a low rockered blank by any standards. It appears to have more rocker curve due to the curve being extrapolated over a greater length. Just for the record the rocker was designed in the 2000 without reference to any boards apart from my own earlier models.


Some of my boards have even flatter rocker in the tail for example the Makaha 12'9" shown below, which has less than 2 inches over 9 feet of tail:

clyde 2010 097.JPG

The rocker story doesn't end there though. Boards like the Dragon and Ghost pintails have displacement tails with very low planing lift, these can sink under pressure which effectively makes the rocker variable.