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Western civ takes yet another hit to a new low....

"We have earlier told you about the world’s most advanced surfboard which was equipped with an accelerometer, gyroscope along with a GPS system. The latest surfboard that we are talking about is not that technologically advanced, but is the world’s most expensive surfboard. Crafted by Roy Stuart, this Baron surfboard costs $528,000."

I'm calling total BS here.

Where do you even start with this sort of crap? Another insane mutation from Madison Avenue? People with lots of money & no common sense? Some guy who's figured out how to tap into said idiots? The blaze orange jumpsuit & the freaky white cap might be the tipoff here folks?

Maybe Harvard needs to learn from this orangejoker, how to market a basic item as not only a necessity but a rarity to the wanna be clowns with trust funds.
You should read more carefully, the article is talking about two different boards, the first one of which ( with accelerometer etc) has nothing to do with mine. The only information in the quote regarding my board is the price, and price is not a design issue thus it is not the topic of this thread. Please keep to the topic. Thanks,