A performance review of a Stuart board from RR, ridden in moderate surf in Hawaii in 2008:

"For Hawaii, you don't need that much rocker. Maybe some nose lift to keep from pearling, but the extreme rocker didn't fit in the curve of the wave and just seemed to slow it down. While the soft rails in the nose are very forgiving, to extend it all the way to the tail makes if feel like an old '60's tanker. I would add some rovings and build up an edge in the tail so that you get some release off the tail. As of now, with the soft rolled rail in the tail, the water wraps over the rail and that combined with the extreme tail lift, just makes it slow down. There is simply no release in the tail. The fin as mentioned above is more area than necessary for the tail width and just tends to create additional drag. Template wise, I would of moved the wide point forward to allow more tail rail, which would of improved the "run" aspect of the board, as now with the curve in the back, it just cuts down what "turning" radius there is. The rocker is way too extreme and you could cut off two feet of nose and it would not hamper the performance of the board in any way. This particular board, as mentioned was fun to ride. The only problem is that I had to make it work. It didn't make it easy for me. I doubt I would want to take it out in anything much hollower than what I had it in, since as I mentioned above, there was no way I could get any drive off the bottom. On a big facy wave it would be fun, but the idea of taking this out to Pipeline would be a scary thought in my opinion."