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There is no possible way for you to charge me. I am not going to even post the questions because I have lost all interest. Don't fix my grammar. You have no interest in making or selling surfboards with your current prices. You seem interested in only bringing attention to yourself. You seem pathetic. Enjoy your Swellinfo.com thread, adios.
And he lacks tact, which is business 101. That is a good reason why his threads always drag on for miles. If here were trained in customer relations, he would refrain from all internet arguments. If someone says something bad about your design, post technical information (design/FEA) proving your point and move along. Instead, he posts long rants with opinions and tosses in a few snide remarks. I think I am going to start a small consulting business offering customer/public relations training to small business owners. It is so easy to defend a product without starting an argument. However, there is no way to defend the price.