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i left because my dad and i went golfing, then late sat night i SURFED 3rd-5th st and it was exellent no one out. So stop the trash.

sat a little before you came out was a lot cleaner for a bit.

yes, sunday was soooooooo fun! All to myself.

Well, i had fun. what else matters?
So, what's with the negativity.
bull sh it u didnt come back cause jack, dan and i surfed 2 -5 all night and it was 630 when u left so u had no time...ur such a little ***** dude jack and eveyone around is wanting to beat the **** out of u so i hope they do and i plan on lighting ur ms3 on fire when u leave it on the beach this summer and there is also the fack that we all decided that were dropping in on u on every wave even if it suxs... so u should just give up surfing and most of the guys in oc hate u now for the way u act there