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Thread: Winds

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    Long Beach, NY
    anyone here live in MA or NH thats going out on saturday, because the forecast is showing 10-15 ft with 35 mph sideshore winds. Its going to be crazy saturday, too bad i cant make it out but i will be going out sunday to Long Beach with clean stomach - shoulder high waves.

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    You guys are amazing! I won't go out over 25 mph-- too chicken!

  3. with all the snow comin good luck gettin to the beach

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    Quote Originally Posted by gnarlytubage View Post
    with all the snow comin good luck gettin to the beach
    That's true. I'm thankful it's a quick walk for me when we get heavy snow. Just you and one friend standing in barrels with not a soul around. These huge barrels and a serene quietness makes it an amazing experience.

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    I just ate chili... might be some winds

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    Long Island
    They storm is supposed to be around till Sat afternoon, so it is going to be a little bit of a challenge to get to the beach around here unless you live on Fire Island. Hopefully a nice session late Saturday and then hit it again Sunday. As mentioned before, where the waves are breaking and how far out is also an issue...wish Robert Moses was open

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    You won't know, if you don't go

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    I'll be out Saturday afternoon for sure, even if just to see if all those places I dreamed could someday break on a crazy well are breaking. Time to dig deep into the spot vault!