Hey guys... so I had this idea, I have yet to test it but will when I get a chance.... on a way to calculate a roundabout general ballpark area for surboard volume.
This is probably used by people today but I have not read it anywhere...
so here are the steps...
1. run a string down the rail from nose stringer all the way down to tail stringer, taping the string if you need to on the rail, to keep it on the outtermost area of the rail. then do the same down the other rail.
2. attach the 4 ends of the string that meet at the tail(2) and the nose(2), either by taping or tieing them together.
3. get the thickness of the board at the tail, the nose area and the middle of the board.
then add them up and divide by 3 to get the average thickness of the board.
4. then remove the string from the board but still attached to itself where it meets at the nose and the tail and with 4 steaks or something to hold corners make the string into a square or rectangle shape(whichever you want) and use an online volume calculator like the one here to calcutate from h x w x thickness:
and you should be able to get a very close ball park of your boards volume...
would this work to get a close number you think?
I have a board that I know the volume of so I will test this when I get a chance.